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Seeds Consulting AS was founded in 2006 by Jo Henrik Endrerud. In 1999 Jo Henrik was strongly involved in the start-up of eZ Systems as well as a person who started the project known today as eZ Publish. After many years spent at eZ Systems, a few years as a leader of the Project Department, he decided to leave the company and to work as a freelancer in 2004. Seeds Consulting was then founded in 2006 when more employees was needed to cover increased demand for the company's services. Jo Henrik Endrerud is now the CEO but he has not given up his developer position.

In Fall 2007 Jan Kudlicka decided to quit eZ Systems to join Seeds Consulting. Jan had been working many years with both the core development of eZ Publish and customer projects. He has been also a project leader for eZ Publish 4 for some time. Jan is now the CTO at Seeds Consulting. In addition, Seeds Consulting consists of both designers and programmers.

We work mainly with big and middle-sized firms and companies both in Norway and abroad. We are known for delivering high quality solutions. We are also «eZ Publish silver partner» which guarantees our proficiency.

Although we use eZ Publish a lot, we also make use of other technological solutions. We try to be technologically independent and to choose solutions that fit customers best.

The company has a decent list of happy customers. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or believe we can be of any assistance.