99x Holding with acquisitions in Brazil and Portugal

99x Holding, which attracted investment from Driv Kapital a couple of years ago, is making new acquisitions and expanding its presence and customer base in Europe and Americas.

Picture: The founders of LeanOn, Thiers Santos (left) and Bruno Melotti (centre), together with Dag Honningsvåg, chairman and CEO of 99x Holding

Following on from the purchase of the Norwegian consulting company, Seeds, two years ago, the businesses are finally united with the Brazilian partner, LeanOn, after many years of collaboration. With its 70 developers in Brazil, LeanOn has had Seeds as its most important customer, but expanded its venture to North America in the last few years.

The founders of LeanOn, Thiers Santos and Bruno Melotti, are happy that the long-term collaboration with Seeds will strengthen through the acquisition. "We are looking forward to becoming part of a larger grouping and will invest more in stronger growth in the USA and Canada in the future," says Thiers.

"Two years after Seeds became part of the company structure in the 99x Group, the time had come to incorporate LeanOn into the same grouping", says Eiliv M. Liljevik, who recently joined as new general manager of Seeds. "Seeds and LeanOn have cooperated very closely for many years and have operated jointly in the Norwegian market and most of the solutions supplied by Seeds Consulting have been co-created together with LeanOn."

In order to strengthen its presence in Europe, 99x has also acquired the consulting firm Cleverti in Portugal. With its 60 employees, Cleverti serves clients in Scandinavia and Western Europe from its offices in Lisbon.

LeanOn and Cleverti become wholly owned companies under 99x Holding together with the companies 99x Technology in Norway, Sri Lanka and Malaysia, Seeds Consulting AS and Incrementi AS in Norway. We are now completing our delivery model with new development centers on two continents with close to 600 people, which enables a global delivery model for customers who have such needs. "This move is to strengthen our position in the Norwegian market and enable our service offerings in a larger geographical area", says the chairman Dag Honningsvåg. "LeanOn has established an interesting sales channel in the American market which we believe will develop very positively in the future. Cleverti, on the other hand, has large customers in the UK and Germany, to whom we can now offer a greater range of services and off-shoring opportunities through our development centers in Southeast Asia and in Brazil”

Carlos Silva, who founded Cleverti 11 years ago, is happy to strengthen the company's  position and become part of a global group "I see a number of advantages in having greater delivery power and believe we can grow significantly in Europe by attracting more talents in Portugal and through scaling opportunities from Brazil and Southeast Asia.”

The 99x Group has its head office in Norway and provides consulting and development services for digital solutions and SaaS products. From our development centers in Norway, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Brazil and Portugal, our distributed teams work with our customers on digital transformation to develop value-creating and socially beneficial solutions for the public and private sector.

Group companies include 99x Technology, Seeds, SHR, Cleverti, LeanOn and Incrementi with a total of 600 employees in Asia, South-America and Europe.


Oslo, 13. November 2023


Contact person:
Dag Honningsvåg
[email protected]